YouTube Launch Strategy: A Snapshot of Gucci Guilty

Luxury brands have engaged the digital environment by vividly conveying story and style via websites adorned with captivating imagery and rich media. Although cocooned by the exclusivity of brand domains, these companies are beginning to incorporate the social web into their communications mix – as you can not be coveted if there is no one to covet you!

With the proliferation of social media, digital marketers are exploiting these platforms to capture and drive consumer interest for brands by replacing campaign specific micro-sites with social media.

The recent launch of the Gucci Guilty fragrance incorporated multiple social media platforms, with YouTube forming the cornerstone of the campaign’s strategy. In fact, the URL automatically redirected users to this channel!

A dark and seductive branded mini film starring Rachel Evan Wood and directed by Sin City’s Frank Miller shaped the creative launch story. Gucci created a dedicated GucciParfums YouTube channel designed to match the campaign’s aesthetic, as well as showcase the initial pre-launch trailers and the mini-film.

GucciParfums YouTube channel offers multiple opportunities for interactivity and social sharing, such as:

• Redirection buttons for the brand’s Twitter stream and Facebook page

• Channel sharing via email, Twitter, Bebo, and MySpace, just to name a few

• Chat capabilities connecting through users’ Twitter and Facebook accounts

• Registration for complimentary samples

• Redirection to the GucciGuilty Facebook app via various calls to action, like “become a fan” of the fragrance [through Facebook’s Like option], the offer of digital gifts or a “Find us on Facebook” option.