Will "Bushanol" Help Global Warming?

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“Bushanol” is not the answer to global warming. Ethanol has been around since the 1920’s and it is no panacea in the fight to slow global warming. Most scientists agree that the energy to produce it is more than the energy it returns and there not significant reductions in greenhouse gasses when the entire production cycle is considered. While the Bush administration is at least looking at alternatives, they appear to be lacking in imagination. We need bold decision making which is a concept that is sorely lacking at The White House.

Ethanol does not get us away from the combustible, gas driven engine. It only plays into the hands of the oil companies and large auto manufacturers. If the public is led to believe that ethanol will help solve climate issues they will be less like to push for more stringent emission standards or to outright demand new technologies. Once again, the large profit making conglomerates have maintained their sway over national policy and divert the nation’s attention away from the real issues at hand.

While new ethanol technologies may offer some hope as far as wining America from foreign oil, current methods of production only detract from the world’s food supply. A short time ago the president announced that the U.S. was on the verge of major energy producing technologies. Was he referring to ethanol?

With all of the energy possibilities available, why is The White House shying away from the development of those technologies? Where is the push for solar, wind, small scale hydro and fuel cell technologies? Several years ago a company was working on small, solar based home electrolysis units that would allow the homeowner to produce his own hydrogen. This would then provide the hydrogen needed for the fuel cells that would power the home with electricity. A by-product of this process is heat for the home and the process is pollution free. Where are these devices now and why are they not receiving national policy priority? It brings to mind the scientist, Tesla who was reported to have developed ways to harness free electricity from the air. Supposedly, his designs were confiscated and were either destroyed or lie somewhere in the bowels of some federal building.

The Bush Administration is still approaching climate change as if it were some future phenomena that can be addressed in another twenty years. This is not true and this lack of action will adversely affect us all. While the public’s awareness of this issue has grown and there is increased awareness of the need for alternative sources of energy, there is still a lack of any urgency regarding the matter. It is obvious that the direction being taken by the Bush Administration is one that is still controlled and guided by the oil corporations.