What You Need To Know About Your Car Audio System

What You Need To Know About Your Car Audio System

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You’ve gotten used to pressing the play button of your car stereo everyday as you drive your car to the office, to the school or to any other whereabouts you have on schedule. Well, that’s expected. You have gotten used to your car audio system as you have gotten used to driving your car. They have practically become part of your daily routine, and the absence of one of them will definitely make you feel a little weird. But the point of this all is to make you re-acquainted with the “friends” you stay in contact with daily, which you sometimes disregard. Too much familiarity? We’ll do something about that.

Despite the constant exposure you have with your car audio, you unknowingly take no notice of its presence. That, however, is only acknowledged upon the unavailability of one, which is quite ironic. Call it whatever you want, but starting and ending your day with the audio entertainment you get from your audio system slowly becomes a relationship – between a human and an inanimate object, that is. Who would have thought the possibility of such? Imagine a device that sings and talks and makes you dance. That’s where interactivity begins, and it makes the whole idea even more interesting! Now, let us start all over in familiarizing it. It’s pretty much essential in a relationship.


Let’s start with the source! Technically speaking, this covers the kind of sound that plays on your car audio system. If we dig into that, we’re going to be talking about formats, frequencies, and bit rates. But I want us to talk in a language that’s understandable by all. Generally, the source is all about “what.”

What do you usually listen to? It has to be either news or music. If you love updating yourself to current events, what stories do you like to listen to? Hollywood gossips, human interests, or political feuds? On the other hand, if you are more of a music lover, what genre are you interested in? What kind of artists influence your most played playlist? What songs make you sing along? That, and things of that sort.


Next is processing. We started with “what” and will now continue with “how.” Basically, the processing aspect of your car audio asks you of the method or system you use to access your source. There are many ways actually. If your old soul is dominant, you probably have been switching back and forth between AM and FM through your car radio with an output almost resounding a classic vinyl player. The use of cassette and CD players could also be a possibility or an option for some, especially those who contribute big to the music industry through the purchase of original albums. Now, if you are more interested in joining the mainstream path, connectivity is the key! Your source could come from external gadgets – like MP3s, iPods, et cetera – connected to your car stereo. And yet there’s more! You may also listen to news or to your favorite songs by streaming online. You may do it by connecting your smartphones to your audio system.


What goes last is output. The output manifests itself to what actually comes out from the process. Most of the time, it tackles about the physics of acoustics. With regards to car audio, it is mostly about the vibration, sound and noise of what comes out as a result of the combination of source and processing. Good acoustics are achieved through high-quality amplifiers and speakers.