What Comes First, Freestyle Rap Lyrics Or Freestyle Rap Titles?

So you have decided to sit down and write your freestyle rap lyrics. What are you going to write first? Are you going to write the lyrics or are you going to write the title? Actually your title should come first. In this article, we will discuss the freestyle rap title.

Most of us when we sit down to wrote our lyrics, we jump write in either writing chords or the melody. Maybe we work on the lyrics first. Stuck way back in the back of our mind or as an afterthought is what we are going to call this piece. That is usually the last thing we think about.

Let’s stop and think a minute. If you want to find a piece of music, or if you want to purchase a piece of music, how do you locate it? You have to know the title of the piece. This includes both instrumentals and songs that have lyrics to them.

Every piece of music that you write should begin with writing the name or title of the song. So how do you begin? First of all the name of the song should be something that sounds right to you. Your title is the introduction to your song or subject. You want to make it so that your audience will want to hear more about your subject based on the title. Your title should be catchy and easy to remember.

Your title should be a fairly short phrase that will include a lot of action words and picture words. A great resource that you can use is to read titles in both magazines and newspapers. Sit and just listen to the news on television. Keep your ears open for sayings or phrases that catch your attention. If they catch your attention, they may definitely catch an audience’s attention. Make a list of those phrases for possible future use.