What a Feeling Wanna Hold You Lyrics – Can This Anthem Help You in Your Life?

Many times we feel inadequate, or unable to continue in our quest for whatever we want. What is the reason for this? We feel incapable or just not good enough. Then our friend, brother, sister, mother, father, spouse, partner or someone who cares about us cheers us on.

But what happens when no one is around to be our cheerleader? Does that mean we should just shrivel up or bow to defeat? No way man! You need to start relying on you. You have the power within to be your own cheerleader. Talk yourself out of self-defeating behavior. Set your goals and achieve them despite what may come your way.

In the movie Flashdance the main character Alex is a blue collar worker by day and an exotic dancer by night. She has dreams of obtaining a place at a prestigious dance school. However, she soon realizes she does not have what the school is looking for. She has two chooses in life like everyone else? She can give up or she can overcome obstacles.

She chose to overcome obstacles and you should too. No wonder the theme song ‘What a Feeling’ was such a huge hit. It inspired a generation of people to go for their dreams.

Remember some of the lyrics…

“O o o yeah, What a feeling, What a feeling I can´t describe, Wanna hold you ´till the morning light, What a feeling…” is one version of the lyrics to “What a Feeling,” by Peter Luts and Dominico.

Categorized as dance, trance, and techno music, the original single cut was released in 2006. The beat, more than the lyrics, took the young dance crowd by storm, as it quickly became one of the highlight songs of dance clubs. It was considered to be the number-one dance song of the summer.

“What a Feeling” was later released in the edited-for-radio version, the ping pong remix, and Jason Nevins electro-rock remix. While the original version was released on Peter Luts and Dominico’s “Nervous Nitelife 06” album, other versions were also available on the “What a Feeling” album. This song is also available on a number of albums which feature assorted artists.

In addition to the albums, “What a Feeling” is still available online as mp3’s, ringtones, and music videos. For the young dance crowd and other techno fans, it seems to be as popular now as it was when it was first released.

Next time you are feeling down and out or depressed about your situation, play the song and get off your butt and make things happen in your life. You have the power to do anything, but the tip is you must do something other than feel sorry for yourself.