Ultimate Wrath of the Lich King Acherus Ebon Hold Guide – WOTLK Horde, Alliance & Death Knight Guide

The two major factions of World of Warcraft namely the Alliance and the Horde and all of the death knights has the same starting area which was pronounced in the Acherus: The Ebon Hold. This location is sacredly referred to as the sanctuary battle ground. Any form of pvp fighting combat is never allowed to take place in this area. So, if you’re character loves and adore pvp combat so much try to get rid of this place.

Hit it Right!

To correctly stand on this area, a player should point its view to top part of the New Avalon specifically the Scarlet Enclave. The place is said to be floating just above the previously mentioned view. It is also greatly known to be the resting place of the demonic Scourge. The city of Archerus: Ebon Hold is one among the major cities that is included in the Worlds of War craft the Wrath of the Lich king. The place was specifically designed to be the capital city of the dead knights.

Entrance to the Acherus: The Ebon Hold

The location is so strict that it only permits the WOTLK’s Death Knight to enter the place. Once you’re a stranger other than the death knight expects that you would exit the place without prior entrance. The services that are being provided in this area only entails it all death knights. All flights are only granted to them and it won’t work on you unless you take the character of the death knights. Since this place only knows death knight then the Death Gate spell are only exclusive in them. There would be a one minute time wherein there would be cool down time that could take the death knights back into the area.

There is a portal which could be seen below and the death knights could utilize such. Since they could make use of all the services, they could also work on the flight journey which connects straight to the chapel of the Light’s Hope. If the death knights gets the chance to be inside the place, he could now make use of the portal that unite the trainers floor which is the upper floor and the runeforges floor which is the bottom floor.

Another benefit of the Acherus: The Ebon Hold is that it allow death knights to have an increase on their pace through the Ebon Hold when they get to complete a certain quest.