TidySongs Review – How to Sort iTunes With the Best Id3 Tag Editor

TidySongs Review — Clean Up Your MP3 Library!

How many of the songs in your MP3 library have no album art? How many have the artist’s name mis-spelled, whether it’s your fault or someone else’s? How many duplicates do you have in your library?

Now think about how long that will take you to fix.

TidySongs will take care of doing all that cleanup for you. It’s an Adobe Air application that will scan your iTunes playlists and download album art, fix mis-spellings, delete duplicates — anything that you need fixed, TidySongs will fix. It will even fill in the blanks in your track Info — genre, year released, even artists for those songs you’ve downloaded but have no idea who is doing the singing.

Download for TidySongs is simple, as it is with most Air applications I’ve used. How long it takes to scan through your playlist will depend on how long that playlist is — if you have a ton of MP3s and decide to have it fix your entire library, it may take a while, so prepare yourself. It still takes less time than it would take for you to do it all yourself. I recommend cleaning sections at a time, and not the your entire computer!

One caution in using this software — if you listen to obscure music, do NOT let the software do any fixes automatically. I listen to a lot of independent artists, and their names and album are are not in the TidySongs database, apparently. The program kept trying to change track titles and information that I knew were correct; had I told it to simply fix automatically, my entire library would have been messed up. This isn’t really a fault with the software — it’s really common sense whenever you are using software to edit or “fix” data that you have on your computer. Always make sure the program is right before letting it correct things in your music library. This is a little more work, but it’s worth it — and using TidySongs is still far easier than trying to find out all the information yourself.