Sony Ericsson G705 – Read a Sony Ericsson G705 Review

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The Sony Ericsson G705 slide phone comes in a choice of 2 colours, majestic black or silky gold. The silky gold casing is particularly impressive with gold keys, you can pretend you have a footballers phone where 100,000 dollars! The actual phones consists of a 2.4″ screen and uses 262 thousand colours to ensure the screen looks as good as the casing. The G705 seems as it has been under feed as it weighs in at an impressive 98 grams light. The battery included with this handset will give you 10 hours of talk time and up to 350 hours on standby. This phone is due out in Q2, 2009 and there are sure to be some great G705 deals available when this Sony Ericsson hits the market.

If you are a music lover then you will also be a SE g705 lover as this stunning handset really packs a punch with its built-in music player featuring album art display, PlayNow(TM) plus trackID(TM). There is a built-in radio although I always find the signal to be poor with these, looking forward to a handset that has a DAB radio built-in, it must be on the cards. If drum and bass is your music choice then you will be pleased to hear the Sony Ericsson has Mega Bass technology to ensure those low notes really thump. Feel free to assign one of your favourite tunes as your ringtone. If you want to see this handset in action then checkout our Sony Ericsson G705 Video Review.

You can access the internet on the using the built-in NetFront web browser. 3G and Wi-Fi support is also offered giving you a variety of options on how to connect. No issues using the SE G705 abroad as the handset supports quad-band which covers most of the world. To connect to other devices you can use Bluetooth® or USB if the Bluetooth connection is poor.

The SE G705 has a 3.2 megapixel camera with photo fix, digital zoom and a photo light, think this is meant to be the flash! You can also record video although we cannot find stated the frames per second for this.