Sonic Producer - Music Production Anywhere, Anytime, Online

Sonic Producer – Music Production Anywhere, Anytime, Online

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Sonic Producer is a music production and beat making software available in an online format. The program is unique because you actually use it online, unlike the competitor software where you have to fully install it on a machine. While the software is online, it does not lack any functionality.

Sonic Producer Functionality:

Sonic Producer has a 16 track mixer embedded into the program. You can add, mix, and sequence up to 16 different sounds using sonic producer. It also has a built-in digital keyboard and drum pads, to add sounds. This allows you to play music and record it, and adjust the pitch of a sound to a different key. There are hundreds of built in effects that you can add to each of your samples and recordings. The program also allows you to import as many sounds as you would like, and you can export an unlimited amount of songs from the application.

Samples & Beats:

Sonic Producer, come pre-installed with hundred of samples of music instruments. This is effective if you want to create a beat. It also come with some prefab sequences, for you to add to your beats. The possibilities of what you can create, are endless. You can also import new samples (hand-made or downloaded) right into you application. You can also make you own sounds with the keyboard.

Training, Tutorials, and Support:

The nice thing about it is that there is a wealth of information on how to use the software, and it will easily fix that learning curve. The software provides tutorials on how to make basic beats and how to use the interface of the program. Best of all there is 24/7 email support for all customers.

If you are looking to make beats for fun or become a professional music producer, Sonic Producer is a great option! The software has a budget conscious price tag, but does not lack any of the bells and whistles. Sonic Producer is the clear cut affordable and quality option, and you can use it anywhere!