Shrek Forever After Updates

If you have gotten this far, you should know that you can watch Shrek Forever After online updates on the official site the producers have put up. You can also watch Shrek Forever After online trailers there to see what you will get from the next and unfortunately the last Shrek movie.

Watch Shrek Forever After online information as it evolves and see when exactly the movie is said to be released. Lately, the rumor that it will only come in June to most of the world has circulated around the internet and has caused fans to worry, besides the fact that it is the last one.

If you are one of the few people that have not seen or heard about Shrek yet, you should look for the first movie and watch it with your friends. That is everything you need to know about the character and I am sure that you will love it, unless you are a murderer and you have better things to do than watch a nice comedy movie.

In this last installment of the series you will see Shrek wandering in a very different setting. This is because Shrek makes a deal with Rumpelstilskin and this one betrays him. Shrek is an alternate Far Far Away kingdom and everyone he knows has completely changed. His friends, Donkey and Puss, are completely changed and do not know Shrek. Even his wife, his One True Love, Fiona, has no memory of Shrek. I believe that this is a good scenario for a couple of good laughs and hilarious situations, similar to the ones that are present in the other three movies. I can already imagine Donkey talking to Shrek and running away from him because he is a big, bad, smelly, green ogre.

And for those of you that haven’t seen the movies yet, you will love the voices. Shrek has a British accent done by Mike Meyers. Fiona is Cameron Diaz and Donkey is done by Eddie Murphy. I just love a donkey with that kind of voice acting. It is just brilliant.

So, basically you can watch Shrek Forever After in late May or early June. It will come in normal theaters, a 3D version is almost certain, and in some areas, there may also be an IMAX version. In any case, the movie should be good enough in normal definition, or how should I call it.