New Technology; Tracking Our Recycled Waste With Sensors

I propose using sensors which can be strategically placed into recycled bottles, which will help us audit our recycling efforts. Too much of the present recycled trash never gets recycled. Tracking Our Recycled Waste With Sensors can easily be done to make sure recycle contractors are doing their jobs. All too often I have visited a recycling facility only to find that some types of bottles and cans were not being recycled at all, this happened for many reasons, some were due to lack of labor, build up of material faster than it could be separated out. Someday robotic trash separators will be able to identify quickly each type of material based on a sonar of the trash, knowing the thickness of Polypropylene, Polyethylene, opaque and colored plastics. Glass, paper, waxed paper products or rubber.

Now we should secretly put sensors in the recycled receptacle containers and make sure they actually get to the place they are being recycled, the end point. We need to audit ourselves. Putting different types of trash into different colored receptacles at the curbside is a really nice feel good thing for people. But all the feeling good about what you are doing is for not, if that material never gets to the place in which it will be melted down and remolded into it’s next life. We can use “Plastic RFID” tags. which have been designed by the Germans. We can attach a small ion lithium battery to it and track it.


Even if the sensor tad is seen, that is okay because it means someone was looking for it and thus knew that any one of a million containers might be one of the Audit sensors to make sure we really are Walking the Talk of our recycling goals.