My Five Favorite Christopher Walken Movies

When it comes to the most prolific actors in the movie industry, I would think that Christopher Walken has to be near the top of the list. The man appears in so many movies it is almost ridiculous. Not that I would want it any other way; he is easily one of the best actors around and just a pleasure to see on screen.

But have been his best movies? Here are my personal favorite films starring or featuring Christopher Walken.

The first film which I will discuss is The Deer Hunter. This is the film that won Walken an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. This is an absolutely incredible film; one of my all time favorites for sure.

Another movie that I would include on this list is True Romance. In this movie, Walken plays a gangster on the hunt for his money. This movie features one of my favorite dialogues of all time between Walken and the late Dennis Hopper.

Another film that I would definitely have to mention is Click. I really didn’t know what to expect with this movie. Actually, I thought it would be just another Adam Sandler comedy, but it was a better film than most of those.

It goes without saying that Christopher Walken has no problem playing comedic roles. One of my favorite comedies that he has ever been in was Wedding Crashers. In this film, he stars as Secretary William Clearly, the father of the bride. This movie also stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

One other film that I feel compelled to discuss is Man On Fire. This is a smaller role for Walken, but regardless, it is one of the best movies he has been in. If you are going to put Denzel Washington in a film with director Tony Scott behind the camera, the result is most likely going to be awesome.

Hopefully there are one or more films on this list of Christopher Walken movies which you have not yet seen, or have been wanting to see.