My Amazing Nokia N800 Mobile Phone

Last year when I topped my University exams, my grandfather gifted me this Nokia mobile phone. I vividly remember how overjoyed I was to see the sight of the Nokia N800.

What catches the eye is the mobile phone’s 4.1 inch colour 65k Touch Screen. This large screen looks stunning when it seamlessly displays crystal clear sharp and well defined images with a high resolution of 800 pixels x 480 pixels. Since I am a big time music lover, this Nokia phone with its music playing software allows me to play music in almost all formats. A few of these music playing formats include the AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, RealAudio, WAV and the WMA. In my spare time, I put on the stereo headset and listen to my favourite music songs and albums.

The other interesting feature of this phone is the wireless connectivity of WLAN and the WiFi which allow me to access the Internet even when I am on the move. I love its Opera 8 Internet browser as it treats me to a real life Internet experience on this mobile phone. It feels like I am actually surfing the Internet on a miniaturized screen. All in all, it offers me a high quality Internet browsing experience… It also allows me to enjoy Internet calls complete with video via the help of the installed web camera. I don’t feel home sick when I am travelling abroad to applying to foreign universities for higher education, since this phone enables me to engage in some leisurely hours of chat sessions with my best friends back home. I get the amazing high of a face to face conversation.

The Nokia offers me some of the advanced messaging services like the Instant Messaging and the Email messaging. The large colour touch screen allows me to create an email or instant message with effortless ease. Very often, I use the on screen QWERTY keyboard to create a message or use the stylus to write text messages to my family and friends. The handwriting recognition feature allows me to write these messages and also to type them. This Nokia N800 phone has an installed Internet tablet OS 2007 operating system that supports multiple languages for instance British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, American English, Brazilian Portuguese and so on and so forth. When I am travelling to a foreign country, I use this feature to gain information on a subject of my interest.

I feel privileged to own this Nokia N800 mobile phone.