Music Review of Achillea – The Nine Worlds

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In all the years I’ve been reviewing music (13 and counting) one of my favorite labels has always been Sequoia Records. David and Steve Gordon have consistently released a plethora of cool music, their own (including the bestselling Sacred Drum series of Native/World music) and that of numerous other artists, with dozens of titles available. In fact, the first CD I ever received and reviewed, Music of the Tarot , came from Sequoia. As if their music wasn’t enough, the Gordon’s have a strong “green” ecology ethic, and it feels really fabulous to support what they do.

Having said that, I must add that the Gordon’s have recently stepped up their game. As evidence, I present Achillea: The Nine Worlds, by Jens Gad, a core member of Enigma, one of my very favorite groups of the past fifteen years. Those acquainted with Enigma’s music will instantly find Gad’s sound deliciously familiar. A master of the guitar as well as a studio wizard, Gad’s Achillea: The Nine Worlds is gorgeous, sensuous, hypnotic, juicy and full of delightful surprises.

Signature dance rhythms, wicked bass and awesome synthesizers create an awesome accompaniment to Gad’s guitar. The most brilliant facet of all is the classical vocals of Helene Horlyck. Gad weaves all of these musical elements into Achillea, The Nine Worlds, a worthy addition to the library of Enigima fans, or anyone who appreciates world-beat dance grooves and musical adventures of the spirit. Free sound samples are available on Sequoia’s website. Check out the whole catalog, they have much to offer the discerning listener.