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The hugely popular Mining Simulator has a sequel! Mining Simulator 2 is brand-new and expands on the old game. Get your codes here.
Mining Simulator 2 is the sequel to the very popular Mining Simulator. This game expands on its predecessor and adds lots of new features, but mostly it just improves on the digging (even more treasure!) and adds new pets to help you on your adventures. Like all new Roblox games, this means there are codes to enjoy! The developer has released a few to celebrate the release of the game and there are sure to be more as the game rockets past its like milestones and gets its first-ever updates. Make sure to check back regularly for new codes.
We checked for codes on July 6.
Here are the current working codes for Mining Simulator 2.
All codes in Roblox are case-sensitive. This means you need to enter them exactly as you see them above – just copy and paste them from our list, it's easy. Also, you can only redeem codes a single time in Roblox.
The game is brand-new, so there are currently no expired codes.
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It is really simple to redeem codes in Mining Simulator 2.
If your code doesn't work, make sure to copy and paste it directly from our list! We spell them right AND check if they are expired or not every day.
Mining Simulator 2 is a game from Rumble Studios, the team that developed the original and very-popular Mining Simulator. It's one of the OG Roblox simulator games. The second game improves on the graphics with better lighting and textures, but also adds new treasures to explore under the ground as well as brand-new pets and eggs to unlock. It's really a straightforward game – dig holes, get treasure, buy pets, dig even bigger holes!
The latest big Mining Sim 2 update introduced the July 4th update (which lasts two weeks from July 4th), as well as more pets, faster hatching, double gems for a limited time, and a bunch of other fixes and changes. Visit the game here.
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