Mage Leveling Guide For WoW – The Best Guide For Leveling a Mage

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When it comes to a mage leveling guide for World Of Warcraft there are many options available for players. The nice thing about the mage class in WoW is you have three viable leveling specs in fire, arcane and frost.

Each mage leveling guide will tell you one certain spec is better than the other but any of them will work fine to level quickly.

The most important thing about a mage leveling guide is how you level your mage. We all know by now that questing is the fastest way to level any toon in World Of Warcraft so you are looking for more than just a guide for leveling a mage. You want a guide that works for any toon you may want to make down the road.

These guides used to be simply written guides that you had to read and follow along while playing the game. The newer guides for leveling a mage or any other class are in game guides that focus on solo questing to power level.

I have been using these in game WoW addons for leveling for awhile now and they make the game much more fun to play.

If you are looking for a mage leveling guide that you can use for other classes later on and you want to maximize your limited playing time these are the types of guides you should be looking to use.

With exact questing details as well as diretional arrows that guide you through questing all the way to level 80, these guides leveling allow you to complete quests faster and leave more time for professions, battlegrounds and raiding groups. These things are really the more fun aspects of the game anyway.

Do not let anyone tell you that you need a leveling guide geared exactly towards a mage because all toons really use the same quests as they are leveling.