Love is Noise - Hard Hitting Lyrics

Love is Noise – Hard Hitting Lyrics

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We have always depended on music to give us all we need when it comes to entertainment. Music can also give us different perspectives and views of love. Love music is very popular and, all the faces of love are displayed well for us to hear both to learn and be entertained. The Verve are responsible for the track love is noise and it hit the world by storm. It is an exciting song in which you need to listen to carefully as you make up the various emotions of the song. Love is Noise is a name that suggests a lot and, sometimes in a love relationship, you will feel like there is too much noise and you might want to go to a quiet room and rediscover yourself.

It is paramount that you listen to all songs of love and, see the diversity so that you can be prepared for storms and other misfortunes. If you do not know words to the song, this article is to enable you learn them as you reflect on the meanings of the words. The lyrics to the song begin like this ‘will those feet in modern times, walk soles that are made in China? Feel the bright prosaic malls, in the corridors that go on and on’. The song then progresses like this ‘are we blind, can we see? We are one incomplete; we are blind in the shade. Waiting for lightening to be saved.

Because love is noise and love is pain, love is these blues that I’m singing again. Love is noise love is pain’. The parts above are then repeated again as the song climbs to a climax. Love indeed can be pain and, this is best known by those who have been in relationships. It is not all rosy because hard times come for everyone. At times, you might be excused for humming to this song with a deep conviction. There is no other way to express pain and disappointment than to speak your heart. The lyrics are powerful and they will definitely make many identify with the lyrics. The song continues like this ‘I was blind could not see, what was hear in me, I was blind and insecure. I felt the road was too long, because love is noise and love is pain’. The lyrics continue on as the singers repeated the chorus again and again.

It is vital that you watch the video to this song so that you can be in a position to understand and see the emotions first hand. It has been performed in a brilliant way and, it will take you to that place where you want to go. For more lyrics and general information about the song and singers, go online and, you will have everything you need. Look for songs that you can identify with and, sooner or later, you will discover that there are seasons of love which will make it painful or you to love. The best thing is to learn and move on.