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“League of Legends” Prestige Point, one of the in-game currencies offered by Riot Games, will soon expire. This only means one thing. 
Players will no longer be able to use their stored Prestige Points as the game creator is about to replace PP with a new in-game currency. 
This March, the gaming company has been pretty busy enhancing the Summoner’s Rift. Last week, the Riot Games “League of Legends” player behavior system‘s upgrade was announced. 
On the other hand, unlimited “League of Legends” RP is being offered for free. Riot Games is about to combine Prestige Points and Gemstones to create a new in-game currency. 
According to Game Rant‘s latest report, Riot Games’ Prestige Points will expire on Mar. 24. Although the removal of PP was already confirmed two months ago, the giant game developer still reminds players to use their Prestige Points as soon as possible. 
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If you still have your PPs, you can use them through the last Chance Prestige Point Shop. As of the moment, this in-game store offers 15 event champion skins and nine past Prestige Point cosmetics. 
Each of them only costs 100 PPs. Aside from these, Event Prestige Icons are also available for purchase. You can get them for only five PPs each. 
Riot Games explained that the Prestige Point removal is a part of the so-called Mythic Content Overhaul. The Prestige Point currency will be combined with the Gemstone currency during the first part of this game enhancement. 
After that, the new Mythic Shop will replace the current Gemstone Shop. Once this happens, new in-game content will be offered, including Mythic seasonal rewards, loot boxes, currencies, and thematic skins.  
Riot Games’ official The Mythic Content Overhaul blog post explained that The so-called Mythic Essence will replace prestige Points. 
This new in-game currency is also expected to replace Gemstones. Since it is expected that some players will not be able to use all their PPs, the game developer decided to increase the drop rates of ME currency. 
Thanks to this initiative from Riot Games, gamers will be able to offset the expiration of their Prestige Points temporarily. 
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