KTN and NTV Kenyan Music Mix Shows

KTN and NTV Kenyan Music Mix Shows

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What’s going on at KTN and Citizen?

It’s been a few months since KTN and Citizen TV decided to remove the Kenyan video DJ live mix sets they had going. First, KTN parted ways with H2O, and then they made Str8Up longer. So H2O decided to shift base to NTV, for a 30 minute gig after “The Beat”. Suddenly, H2O was removed yet another time from NTV, and “The Beat” was also shortened to make space in favour of some Phillipino soaps! What an embarrassment! The TV stations actually preferred to show Phillipino programmes over sweet tracks from Kenya? This is not fair really. Not fair at all.

Then at Citizen, we had “Xtreem Live”, a great Kenyan music video mix brought to you by Creme de la Creme. What say Citizen TV? They replaced “Xtreem Live” with “Tafrija!” My friend Ill Jay the DJ told me that it was nothing to worry about, but nothing doing! It’s been a whole year since Tafrija occupied that 6 oclock time slot! I am not showing any disrespect towards “Tafrija” or anything, but the difference in audience is just too big! If promoting local talent is the agenda, then why not share the one hour time slot 50-50, with “Tafrija” coming in one half, and “Xtreem Live” coming on the other half hour?

Three cheers to the Citizen team for what they are doing right now, bringing to us local Kenyan programming that suits our needs. All credit to them. From Nairobi with love.