How to Get the Best DVDs and BlueRay Discs Every Day For Free

One of the best values in home entertainment is to watch movies at home.  Whether you live alone or with a large, extended family, the home theater option is a welcome break from the stresses of the day.  You can relax at home in the dark while you watch the latest blockbuster action film, or enjoy quality time with your children watching an instant-classic Disney animation.   Watching DVDs or even high definition BlueRay videos can offer the same large screen movie experience without the crowds, parking, or traffic problems that can mar a live theater experience.

The Internet has not quite adapted to downloaded movies because the bandwidth to any given home is usually too slow to allow for a complete DVD — which can exceed 5Gigabytes in length — not to mention a full HDTV BlueRay video, which can exceed 40Gigabytes.  To download those movies could tie up your internet connection for days.  It comes as a surprise to most people that it is faster to transmit those high volume datasets by regular Postal Service mail!

When you receive DVDs or HDTV BlueRay disks, make sure your plan allows for you to check out several movies at once.  By always keeping three movies on hand, you will be able to watch at least one movie per day for as long as you like, and you will be able to change your movie preferences with just a few days’ notice.  You can switch from action movies to romantic movies to classical movies and receive your new choices in just two or three days!

You must consider one especially important point before you subscribe to a mail DVD service:  Do they offer a Free Trial?  In today’s economy, companies are competing for your entertainment dollars, and they offer excellent free discounts and free trials to entice new members.  A free trial lets you get comfortable with the order and return policies, and are often long enough for you to learn to adapt your movie viewing to their online ordering system.  Before you know it, you will make watching high quality movies at home an inexpensive but important and enjoyable part of your daily routine!