How to Approach A&R Directory

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A&R is a vital department in any record label. Every label company publishes their own a&r directory for new artists to approach the representatives. These representatives are the ones who introduce new talents to the company; their role has always been pivotal in shaping the future of music industry. For example, the A&R representative Mr. John Hammond was responsible for discovering talents like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and many more whose music was different from the main stream music. However recent trends like digital distribution of music have changed the role of A&R reps. Dwindling record sales all over the world have determined the record labels to reduce the a&r reps in their company.

The A&R reps are under constant pressure as they have to be on the lookout for new talents in order to get them signed with their company before the rival recording company signs a deal with the artists. As a new artist, it is vital for you to know how to approach a&r reps as they are already burdened by the overload of many people trying to prove their musical skills in order to get a record deal. Though the traditional way of sending a demo CD to the a&r office is still in practice, the success rate by this method has decreased considerably.

If you want an a&r representative to sit back and notice your music, then you need to come up with new ways. One of the important ways is to utilize the latest technologies like the email or digital submission of music. Email is preferred by many artists as every A&R representative would check their email and the chances of them listening to your music is high.