Gymnastics Floor – Guidelines For Selecting Successful Gymnastics Floor Music

When people think of gymnastics floor they think about how unique, well choreographed, powerful and graceful the routine is. They definitely don’t think about music, but hey should. Gymnastics floor routine music plays an important and crucial part in having floor exercise success.

Gymnastics floor music is exclusive; it is made specifically with floor routines in mind. You cannot choose a random song you like and make up a routine to it; music for gymnastics floor has precise guidelines.

First, the music cannot contain any vocals whatsoever! If they do, you will receive a HUGE deduction. I don’t care how great the words in the song are, don’t use it, it isn’t worth dropping your floor exercise score. You also want to make sure the gymnastics floor music is1 minute and 30 seconds long (90 seconds from start to finish). Make sure the gymnastics floor routine music has a variety of rhythm and pace. It needs to contain parts that are fast action and piece that are slower for you can catch your breath. Your gymnastics music needs to include three segments of music that standout from the rest; this is where you should put your three tumbling passes. You need to have your first tumbling pass start 10-20 seconds after your gymnastics floor music starts. This will start your routine off with a bang and set the tone for the rest of it. You also want to put a tumbling pass in your floor routine at the end; this will be your grand finally! The other tumbling pass you can insert anywhere between the first and the last.

If your gymnastics floor routine music is set up using these guidelines your routine and gymnastics floor music should fit together flawlessly!