Great Moral Value in "PS I Love You" Movie

Death can suddenly comes to life of people and make their life also suddenly stop for a while when their beloved one is taken by the death. The movie entitled P.S. I Love You shows us that even though our beloved one meets the death, he would join us through the tough days in our life. In this case, at least he accompanies you from beyond the grave.

“Excellent” is a proper word to describe Cecelia Ahern, the author of P.S I Love You. In her very young age, 21, she succeeds to be the author of the best seller novel worldwide. Cecelia, whose father is Bertie Ahern, the prime minister of Ireland, describes a hard life of woman named Holly after the death of her husband, Gerry. The idea of death and happiness of life in this novel is so interesting so that finally P.S I Love You comes in movie with million audiences.

P.S I Love You tells about Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank)’s life suddenly stops when her beloved husband, Gerry (Gerard Butler), develops cancer and dies. Holly is devastated and her best friends, Denise (Lisa Kudrow) and Sharon (Gina Gershon) try to cheer up her. But nothing seems pull Holly out of her mourning after the death of Gerry.

Mourning days that is faced by Holly finally turn to be cheerful because she receives some love letters from Gerry which he writes before his death. The letters gives her some stories and instructions about the things she have to do. After Holly has done the instructions one by one with the help of her friends and family, she has found out that Gerry has prepared those letters to make her survive after his death.

Many people think that P.S I Love You is one of the most romantic novels. This novel becomes more and more popular after it comes to movie. Best performance from Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler as Holly and Gerry in this movie completes the romantic side of P.S I Love You. It is a good movie that gives you a great value about love in life.