Gender Brain Chemistry – One Task Man Vs Multitasking Woman

Have you ever noticed that a man seems to focus only on the task at hand, whereas the woman’s mind has so much going on all at once? Women seem to multitask with much more ease. Men are better at focusing on the task at hand and completing the job, before moving on to the next one. Let’s make it easy to understand why this gender brain difference occurs. I am going to explain the differences in both gender’s brain connectivity, and how that affects the way that they are able to task manage.

Gender Brain Connectivity

Women’s brains have a larger amount of nerves that connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which makes her more capable of multitasking. Her brain is hard wired to talk, think, listen, feel, plan and remember all at once. A man’s brain has 25% less connectivity in the corpus collosum, the link which provides cross-talk between the two hemispheres. This makes his brain more able to focus on a certain task, blocking out all of life’s other distractions.

The One-Task Man

With less connectivity between brain hemispheres, he is less inclined to talk, feel and be able to articulate both at the same time. A man will more likely focus on the task at hand, sometimes even forgetting about everything else. Men separate their feelings and thoughts into different places in the brain.

For example, a man loves his wife dearly. That is his feeling. But his task is to find a job to provide for his family. So his focus is job hunt, resumes, classifieds and networking. Then he forgets his wife needs attention, love and to feel emotionally supported too. It is not that he does not love her. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to listen about her day, but his brain is hard wired to focus on the task at hand and that is to find that job.

The Multitasking Woman

A woman’s connectivity is like a super huge multi-directional freeway that is busily buzzing along. Having more connectivity between the two hemispheres allows her to think, do and feel emotions and connect to them much more easily. She is able to articulate her thoughts much more quickly. She also can have many thoughts processing at one time. This is often why women feel much more overwhelmed than most men. And why he often thinks she is just blowing things out of proportion.

For example, a woman wants to talk about the stress of her day. As she gets into about the third or fourth thing, her husband is ready to interrupt to offer his way to solve the problem. This is the difference in gender hard wiring for the brain. She is just looking to talk about things and discuss them, which helps her focus and actually solve issues by talking them through. He is hard wired to solve them quickly and move on. His brain is not thinking as many thoughts as hers and, she can’t help but to be thinking, feeling, talking, planning, helping, and listening all at once.