Four Renewable Energy Technologies You Should Know About

Increasing public demand for oil, coal, and natural gas has brought up the prices of these commodities into ludicrous unimaginable value. In a span of 10 years how much would it cost a liter of gasoline? Or would there be any left in a span of 10 good years?

Renewable energy has developed clean energy resources and had marketed its usage over the past years. It has always been vague to use sustainable energy to collectively name it when there are various Clean energy resources which are far more abundant than that of oil, coal and natural gas is. But what are these green energy technologies that offer solution to everyday energy consumption? Here are 4 of them for you to know and memorize.

First stop is the Solar panels. People have been familiar to the solar panels for their trusty calculators but a solar panel that could cut down energy costs is something else to see. Renewable energy marketing has introduced solar panels as an efficient way to provide heat for water and homes but that is just the beginning. Photovoltaic panels convert light energy to electricity. It can surely light your homes and make your energy worries lighter. What’s more is that the sun as a sustainable energy source is openly accessible to anyone and everyone. Renewable energy resources should be further explored, such as the sun, to make use of its abundance.

Second would be bio fuels. Leaving the house hold concerns aside, bio fuels are more commonly used to power cars. Unlike conventional fuels, bio fuel is produced from fermented crop products which are high in sugar or from plants that contains high amounts of vegetable oil. Bio fuel has several other usages such as for cooking and heating homes. This technology has just been further develop in more later years than the other technology but it has been so far the most frequently used by normal consumers so far. It is cheaper than the other renewable energy resources. The technology works on converted cars as well as specifically designed ones.

Biomass on the other hand is large with large land owners as well as farmers. Owning a farm means having more than enough fertilizers to come around. Whether it is animal droppings or just unused crops and vegetables, production of biomass to fuel stoves and farms would be a breeze.

Windmills are not just for windy days. Coming in at fourth is the ever loved wind mills or as we call it today, wind turbines. Wind mills are not just for grinding corns and drawing water by the stream, kinetic power from the wind can be easily converted into electricity. Wind turbines are used mostly in European country because of the abundance of space and breeze coming from all direction. One 3.3 km wind turbine can answer any man’s prayer for free energy. Costly, yes, but for those who can afford; wind turbines will save you a lifetime’s worth of electricity bill!

There are actually so many companies providing clean and cost effective means of alternative energy. However most people do not know of them, as they lack exposure, for they do not subscribe to renewable energy marketing services.