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Diablo Immortal is one of the biggest RPG releases of 2022. It is a mobile game, but has a lot more depth than you would find in a typical mobile game. It’s very long, there are a ton of things to do, and the game systems are always working. You can exploit some of those game systems to your advantage and it really helps you have a better time. Here are some Diablo Immortal tips and tricks to help you play better. This tutorial is for beginners who aren’t well versed in the game. As you progress, there are more detailed guides specifically for endgame content.
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Diablo Immortal was designed for its endgame. Believe it or not, that means the game isn’t terribly difficult to beat because the developers want you to get to post-game as quickly as possible. The website estimates that the Diablo Immortal campaign with every side quest is beatable in about 30 hours. It’s probably a little bit longer unless you really fly through it. So, let’s help get you there. First up, let’s explain how the Diablo Immortal stats work.
A lot of this stuff is fairly obvious. Melee-oriented players should spec into stats like Strength, Fortitude, and Vitality, while magic-oriented characters should spec into Intelligence and Willpower.
However, don’t let that prevent you from having multiple Diablo Immortal builds. For example, as a wizard, I have a build that increases my intelligence so I can be hyper-aggressive. If I’m somewhere where I’m struggling, I’ll use my Fortitude, Vitality, and Willpower build to help me survive tough segments of the game. Multiple builds don’t hurt and the game has saved loadouts for quick swaps.
Hold on to your seats for this one because there are a lot of these. However, they are quite important, especially for buildcrafting. A lot of Diablo Immortal’s mechanics are determined by these stats.
Yeah, that’s a lot of information, but it’ll help you create builds to better suit your playstyle. That should help you complete more difficult tasks better once you reach the endgame. Obviously, you’ll want to build into some of these stats based on what you’re doing. For instance, if you’re farming for gear, you’ll want to spec into Magic Find.
Yes and no. A large percentage of your time involves grinding for gear that increases your Combat Rating, or CR for short. It serves a few primary purposes within the game.
There are a lot of conversations about Diablo Immortal Combat Rating, but the above are the basics and they should help you understand the game slightly better. CR is very similar to other games, such as Destiny 2’s light level system, where it acts as a gatekeeper to more difficult content so players don’t just rush through the game. In other words, it artificially inflates play times so players don’t get to the end and get bored too quickly.
The grind is one of the biggest elements of any mobile RPG and Diablo Immortal is no different. Depending on your level, location, and experience, there are a few different places to grind to get the best results. Also, grinding for different things requires different approaches. Here are some general guidelines on grinding in Diablo Immortal.
Legendary Gems are a point of contention among players. You can get them as a free player, but it takes forever as they are exceedingly rare. The fastest method is to pay for them with real money, but even then it’s not guaranteed. There are already reports of people spending thousands of dollars and getting little for their investment. We recommend just taking the free route because you will get there eventually.
In any case, legendary gems in Diablo Immortal have their own set of explanations, as they add another layer of complexity to the game. We’ll do our best to explain the various aspects in as few words as possible.
Legendary Gems are difficult to get in Diablo Immortal but have a lot of sources.
In addition, the game tells you the drop rates for various types of Legendary Gems. To see these rates, head to the Shop and tap the “i” icon in the top left corner. You can find information about drop rates there.
Legendary Gems are one of the most powerful items in Diablo Immortal. It’s not just the only reliable way to increase resonance, but it can also increase your CR a lot faster than armor grinding. Here’s a comprehensive list of things that Legendary Gems do.
It seems like a short list. However, Resonance can stack almost forever it seems, so the more powerful your gems get, the more powerful you get without a theoretical ceiling.
Legendary Gems are upgradeable and the process isn’t terribly complicated. You can rank up gems to increase their power.
To be honest, this is one of the worst upgrade systems we’ve seen and we’ve played a lot of gacha games. You need an absolute ton of duplicate Gems and Gem Power to fully upgrade a Gem so make sure to use your components wisely.
Each class has its own set of abilities and each player has their own playstyle. Thus, it’s rather difficult to give tips for this kind of stuff. You should play how you want because it’s a video game and it’s supposed to be fun. That said, there are some general Diablo Immortal tips and tricks that you should use to make your life easier.
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Because there are so many things to do and there aren’t really any super-efficient ways to do them without spending real money. Diablo Immortal is a very long game with a lot of gatekeeping. Blizzard designed it that way. The bad news is that efficient routes to endgame don’t exist. However, the good news is that leaves you free to play how you want for the most part.
Nope. In fact, the Legendary Gems grind is among the worst RPG grinds we’ve ever seen. You’ll get them eventually. It just takes patience.
Yes, but the answer is more complicated than that. You don’t need the best stuff in the game to do the highest-level activities. It’s like other RPGs. Once you hit a certain level and CR, you can do everything in the game. The $100,000 thing only matters if you’re a hardcore completionist.
The best advice I can give you is to play with a little more patience and maybe grind a few more levels or for a little more CR. The game seems to punish players who try and brute force their way through the game. Despite being a free-to-play game, there is actually an element of skill to Diablo Immortal. Keep playing, you’ll improve.


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