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(Editor’s note: In the coming weeks, the Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District Community Emergency Response Team will be providing a series on disaster preparedness for islanders.)
Hurricane season is here. Are you prepared?
The time to develop and practice your family emergency plan is prior to hurricane season.
Prepare several evacuation or sheltering options for your family.
Deciding whether to evacuate or shelter in place depends upon the incident or event; each event requires its own decision.
If you do NOT live in an area that is required to evacuate, sheltering at home with precautions is a safe choice.
Preparing properly, and offering to shelter friends or family who are required to leave a more dangerous area, will help the entire community get through the storm together.
Expect the power to be out, and the likelihood that you may be under a boil water notice, if not without water entirely.
Fill bathtubs/sinks/other containers (even large pots) with water.
Secure items in and around your home before tropical storm force winds arrive.
If you have a generator, remember to use it OUTSIDE only, in an area with plenty of ventilation! Remember generators produce deadly carbon monoxide gas.
Perform annual maintenance on your generator before the start of hurricane season.
Prepare your Emergency Supply Kit before the start of hurricane season.
Your Home Emergency Supply Kit should include the following items:
• Bottled water – one gallon per person and pet per day
• Non-perishable food, enough for 3-7 days
• Manual can opener
• Disposable plates and utensils
• Cooler and ice for food and medications
• Infant and/or senior supplies
• Pet food if you have pets
• Hand sanitizer
• First aid kit
• Two-week supply of prescribed medications
• Flashlight
• Batteries for radio, flashlight, hearing aids and other devices
• Books, cards, games
• Battery-operated lamp(s)
A full list of items can be found on the Lee County Emergency Management website here, by clicking on the “Emergency Supply List” button:
Add a few pieces to your supply kit each week so that it doesn’t break your budget.
Remember to check your kit often and rotate the non-perishable food in your kit.
REMINDER: WGCU-90.1 FM is the Southwest Florida affiliate of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. It will stay on the air during power outages and continue broadcasting information you need to stay safe.
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