Canon L 400 – The Multi-Task Printer That is Good For the Planet

Many small offices cannot afford to buy numerous pieces of office equipment, so they look for equipment that can multi-task. Their choice of printer is no exception, with the Canon L 400, they get a machine that can multi-task as it comes with a fax machine for sending faxes, a printer that gives sharp prints, and a copier that has picture perfect quality. With the Canon L 400 toner they are assured that each of these processes comes out looking professional and sharp.

Lowering costs may also be a consideration with the Canon L 400; it saves you money because it quickly transmits your faxes so that it does not tie up your phone line for a long time. It has the ability to scan the fax and send it in 4.3 seconds per page. This means that you don’t have too much additional cost on your telephone. Also there is little to no warm up time with this machine so you can have your prints in seconds. The Canon L Toner makes each fax legible and crisp.

If your faxes are particularly long you will be able to put up to 50 pages into the Canon L 400 paper feeder so that it sends them all quickly. For printing out long faxes you have the 250 page holder to ensure that there is enough paper for the job.

In addition if numerous people have printing jobs to do, the Canon L 400 has 256 pages worth of memory. This means that it can remember all the jobs till the current job are done printing the document, then it will print the others.

The Canon L 400 also has an easy to use control panel so you can figure out what you want done without too many problems. Also a benefit is that changing the Canon L 400 toner cartridge is very easy, clean and can be completed in a matter of seconds. So you can get back to work doing other things.

A great benefit is the answering machine connection of the Canon L 400 which can pick up telephone calls you may have missed while you were faxing out your documents or receiving your faxes. The best thing is that each fax is of the very best quality, because the Canon L 400 toner makes perfect documents every time.

When you need for you text, graphics and other documents to look professional for your presentations the Canon L 400 has a 600 dpi printer that ensures that the prints are high quality and the Canon L Toner makes them crisp and sharp.