Anime Dimensions codes in Roblox: Free Gems and Boosts (April 2022) – Sportskeeda

Roblox codes are an excellent way to attract new players to the game. They can be used to not only reward users for sticking around but also help new players catch up to veterans of the game.
Even the most underappreciated games have cheat codes, yet the most popular have the most. If the game has a huge list of Roblox codes, it may be more useful to attempt it.
Anime Dimensions, a Roblox-based fighter game that lets players live out their super-powered dreams of being their favorite anime heroes, is one such game. The codes are available to reinforce anybody who faces threats, such as the nefarious Titans.
This article will discuss various Anime Dimensions game codes that can get raid tokens, free gems, and boosts in April 2022.
In Anime Dimensions, there are several highly rewarded active codes. There are a variety of items available with these reward codes, ranging from Gems and Boosts to Raid Tokens.
All valid and working Roblox Anime Dimension Game codes are listed below, and are valid until April 2022. If you don’t use each one as quickly as possible, you’ll miss out on some fantastic incentives. The following are the high-rewarding codes:

The following are a few codes that are specific and might work for a few players. Try your luck to get additional Boosts and Gems:

Redeeming codes in Anime Dimensions takes a few steps, which are as follows:
These Roblox Anime Dimension redeem codes may be used to receive a variety of incentives in the game, making them crucial to making your time in the game more productive. These special redeem codes are used to enhance the player’s experience and allow them to get a taste of everything this anime-themed game offers. These codes offer Gems, Boosts, and Raid Tokens to help players.


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