A Review of the Yamaha Young Musicians Program

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Students entering this program may choose to learn Electone, piano, or guitar as their primary instrument. The course materials offer studies through six sequential levels. Study in all levels focuses on the core principals of “Hearing-Singing-Playing”. There is a primary emphasis on being able to play the instrument so that students can play music.

Students develop hearing skills by listening to CDs, listening to others play instruments in class, and listening to their teachers play music on the primary instrument. Singing is done in solfege, with students learning to sing do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do for the various pitches. Songs are also learned with words, and often, instrumental accompaniment from either the teacher or others in class. Playing is accomplished by learning instrumental technique and repertoire.

There is a social development aspect to Yamaha study that encourages the enjoyment of music making with others. This enjoyment often continues long after classes are completed. Children who enjoy being with others may seem to naturally learn well in this nurturing environment.

Yamaha course books are visually engaging, with plenty of colorful illustrations. Students enjoy learning to read music at the same time that they sing and play it. Fostering musical skills while encouraging appreciation for music go hand in hand with this method.

The belief that music can be treasured for an entire lifetime is one of the best things about the Yamaha Young Musicians Program. The program tends to be quite successful with many students. Some students choose to begin with the course and then switch to private lessons after completing a year or two. Many private teachers find that transfer students have a variety of secure skills.

Parents of children who wish to study the three primary instruments of the program may find it to be a solid foundation for any future musical studies. The time spent in ensemble music making as youngsters gives students the ability to do well in school band and choir as they reach elementary, middle, or high school. This may be one of its greatest strengths.